Renting an office in Gastonia NC

Renting an office space and setting up shop can be an exciting time for your business. Choosing just any space would be a great mistake. One of the first things a business owner should think about when a new office space is needed, is space. Consider whether potential properties have enough space for your business to grow or if they have unnecessary amounts of space that you cannot afford to fill. And how much are you willing to pay for all that space? You also need to think about whether you need a conference room or a kitchen space.

At Cox Rd. Executive Park, as part of our amenities, we have a big kitchen on the first floor that is shared by all the offices with a refrigerator, stove, microwave and coffee maker. There is also a large conference table in that room and a smaller separate conference room for all to use. These rooms are maintained by the office complex so you would not be responsible for the upkeep or the cleaning. By including these features in the building, you are not paying additional money for square footage and extra space.

Renting vs Buying

Another big decision is whether to rent office space or buy a space of your own. Buying space may make you a more established member of the local business community but come at a great financial expense and lock you into one location. Renting office space provides greater flexibility.


Location is likely your most important consideration when renting your first office space. You must keep clients in mind when choosing a location. Is the building you’re considering easily accessible from highways or public transportation? Will they be able to find it easily?

Networking is a key part of nearly every type of business, so you may want to be as close as possible to key business leaders and potential collaborators. For example, if most of the business you conduct is in Charlotte, then you may want to be in a location that’s drive is convenient. Cox Road Executive Park is directly off the Interstate-I 85 at the Cox Road Exit 21, only 20 minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and 25 minutes from downtown Charlotte, N.C. We are also conveniently located just 3 minutes from Caro Mont Regional Medical Center. By renting a space at Cox Road Executive Park you’re getting a great easily accessible location for a fraction of the cost.

Cox Rd. Executive Park Great Value for Your Money

Of course, you will want to ensure that you are getting the most value for your money when looking for a new business office. At Cox Road Executive Park, you will enjoy a professional atmosphere, perfectly located, and for a terrific value! We have small and medium size office spaces to choose from. Rental rates start as low as $250 per month. Cox Road Executive Park, LLC is an Owner-managed property, with remodeling updates. Renting from Cox Rd. Executive Park includes amenities such as 24/7 Access, Maintenance, Janitorial, Utilities, some furnished units, and Post Office on Premise. Also included are Utilities and wireless internet. Choose the best space for your business by making your next move to Cox Road Executive Park. Contact us at 704-400-1783 or Visit our website for more information. https://coxroadxp.com